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Bing back to School (B2S) Quiz is really similar to the Bing Education Quiz. This quiz will test you in relation to school smarts. The fun of the quiz is that you can get fun points in most question. The good thing from the quiz is that you can get 10 Microsoft Reward Points. By these points, it is possible to redeem it to several rewards for example sweepstakes, gift cards and even more. The quiz features 10 questions. Whatever your score, you may get 10 Microsoft reward points. To get the points, you will need Microsoft Account, and join to your account when using the quiz. Bing B2S Quiz

How to Take the Quiz

Using the bing b2s quiz really is easy. Here is the step by step to take the quiz:

  1. Available the internet browser for example Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
  2. Go to
  3. Search for “Back to School Quiz“.
  4. The quiz can have on top of the page.
  5. Start to answer your questions.
  6. Find the score and claim the points.
  7. Finish

Quiz Questions

Once we take the quiz we are some useful questions. We all read more information and fun points in most question. Here is the test questions from the quiz:

1. What’s the name from the color applied to many school buses?

A. Electric Banana

B. Sunshine No. 5

C. National school bus glossy yellow


2. Which childrens favourite was the first one to show on a lunchbox?

A. Felix the Cat

B. Snoopy

C. Mickey Mouse


3. Horace Mann’s give a few share to US education, That which was that?

A. The Chalkboard

B. Dodgeball

C. Free Public School


4. Daily life pencil is made of ‘lead’ what will be the materials within?

A. Graphite

B. Chalk

C. Charcoal


5. Hymen Lipman is created fun things, what’s that?

A. Eraser for the end from the pencil

B. Combo lunchroom-gymnasium

C. Desk mounted on a seat


6. That playground game had been documented in 17th century England?

A. Hopscotch

B. Dodgeball

C. Tetherball


7. The US K-12 public education system motivated in which nation?

A. Prussia

B. Mexico

C. France


8. In 1990 you will see Children’s Television Work, that which was the goal?

A. Ban all cartoons

B. Add educational programming

C. Boost ratings


9. A one-room school is went to in which author?

A. Joyce Carol Oates

B. Margaret Atwood

C. Joan Didion


10. It’s an strange thing about Abo Grade School in New Mexico, what’s that?

A. It had been in the cave

B. It had been haunted

C. It had been all underground

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