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Bing Wrapspeed Quiz: You can find great news about Microsoft Accounts, you may earn Microsoft reward points. By these points, it is possible to redeem it to sweepstakes. Donate to many NGO and Social Organizations. You can even work with the points to shop on Microsoft Store. The good thing that you may also redeem it to many people types of gift cards. For example Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Burger King, and more.

How to Earn Microsoft Reward Points

After that learn how to get those points? Its quite simple to have Microsoft Reward Points. The actual simple step to find the points is to try a search to the Bing search results. Use the other Microsoft quiz to have extra points. The favorite quiz this season is windows spotlight quiz.

Bing Warpspeed Quiz

Another quiz it is possible to take is Bing Warpspeed quiz. This quiz can earn 30 Microsoft Reward Points. With this quiz, you may get some questions about Hollywood actors and actress. Select the 6 correct answers from 8 choices. The instance quiz question for you is you need to select which Holywood actors with stage names. If you take this quiz you never only get points, and you will also have more details concerning the actor and actress. Bing Warpspeed Quiz

How to take Bing Warpspeed Quiz

Using this quiz really is easy. All you need to do is have a Microsoft Account. This is step by step to use Bing Warpspeed Quiz:

  1. On the internet browser visit Microsoft Account Login.
  2. Fill your references and click on Sign In.
  3. On the top dashboard select the Rewards Menu. bing rewards bonus quiz
  4. Then scroll right down to more activities section.
  5. Search to get Bing Warpspeed Quiz and then click it. warspeed quiz bing
  6. There is really a quiz pop-up window opens.
  7. Use the quiz, and find Microsoft Reward Points.

Final results message can have when you finishing the answers. The points you earned is going to be used with your account.

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